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As Accurate As The Day It Was Installed

Clare Hollister

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Ahmarra Door Solutions manufacture performance architectural doorsets across all sectors including education, commercial, hotel, airport and luxury residential. They specialise in manufacturing performance doorsets for projects where complex fire resisting, acoustic and security requirements exist including timber glazing bead cassettes for fire rated doorsets and timber panel mouldings for their range of bespoke Artisan Panel Doors. A combination of precision machinery and fine craftsmanship enables Ahmarra to meet the highest quality, performance and certification requirements. One of these precision machines is the Hoffmann MS 35-SF combination double mitre saw and router.

As an absolute innovation the Hoffmann MS 35-SF delivers two clean precision mitre cuts without break-out, to an exact length in one machine cycle. When both pieces are to be joined together or in a frame, then they can be prepared with one or two dovetail slots in precise positions in the cut faces for jointing with Hoffmann Keys. Suitable for work-piece sizes maximum 90 x 90 mm. The machine can be fitted with router cutters for processing Hoffmann Key sizes W-1/2/3. Ideal for cutting profiles for glazing beads, cornices, plinths etc. in wood, aluminium or plastic at 45°. It can also be used solely as a Double Mitre Saw. The technology, developed by Hoffmann for damping vibrations of the blades ensures the high precision cut of the MS 35-SF and the almost vibration free running of the machine ensures that no further work is required prior to joining. The range has now evolved to include the MS40-SF. A larger saw blade (400mm) increases the cutting width to 105mm and a new waste ejector automatically removes off cuts at the front of the unit. Automatic router positioning is also available via NC axis and touch screen adjustment.

Tim Doran – MD stated: “Our Hoffmann MS 35-SF has been extremely reliable and efficient. Over the many years of manufacturing, many of our machines have required replacing and updating as expected, but the Hoffmann MS 35-SF has continued to manufacture a precision product with only routine maintenance required, and we see no reason to replace it in the near future.  This combination machine not only cuts the perfect mitres but simultaneously routers the dovetail slots for the Hoffmann Keys. Ahmarra have a long relationship with Hoffmann, and our current Hoffmann MS 35-SF has been in operation for over 20 years, and still performs with the expected accuracy and precision that it did the day it was installed” 

Ahmarra works very closely with architects and interior designers to meet their requirements, allowing flexibility in design while retaining comprehensive fire certification in accordance with Building Regulations. Hoffmann Dovetail Keys are all accredited with FD30 / FD60 ratings.

As a leading manufacturer of fire door solutions, they believe in maintaining the traditions of their craft by preserving the skills and value of time-served, traditional bench joiners, whilst utilising the very latest technology in design and production methods. This way, their customers get the best of both worlds. 

“Our many years’ experience of manufacturing timber doors has led us to produce a number of sector specific product ranges to include Education, Hotels and Panelled doors. We specialise in working with clients who recognise the importance of developing doorset standards throughout their facilities. Significant client cost savings can be made by eliminating the need to redefine doorsets and ironmongery for each new project. We offer intelligent advice on how to make this process cost effective, simplifying what can be a very complex issue.”

A similar principal is held by Hoffmann Machine Company Ltd. When specifications such as optimization, rationalization and cost savings are essential aspects of your production, then help can be found in our engineering services dept. We can develop a package of measures that will result in a machine, designed to your requirements. Offering efficiency, quality assurance and cost minimization.

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