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Blum Components Help Create Organised Storage

Clare Hollister

When it comes to the finer details of a kitchen, it’s the little things that matter. That’s why in every good kitchen, Blum components are key. From seamlessly integrated hinge systems and sleek, slim and linear drawers to compartmentalised interior fittings and top quality motion lift systems for wall cabinets, Blum has it all. Users not only benefit from easy access and a full freedom of movement but they also have the choice of seamless design that blends beautifully with both classic and contemporary cabinetry to suit every scheme. Here are just some of the components that Blum offer.

It’s all too easy to take door hinges for granted but even the humble hinge can be a design choice. The new Onyx Black hinge from Blum for instance is created to complement the trend for darker furniture and will enhance and elevate any cabinetry both inside and out. The new Onyx Black finish discreetly complements kitchen units while still creating visual impact, albeit in a sophisticated and subtle way. This sleek new finish is available on all Blum’s standard hinges as well as profile/thick door hinges and blind corner hinges.

Drawers are another speciality from Blum and with LEGRABOX, elegance comes as standard. Linear, sleek, slim and high performing, this practical box system features quality of motion runners, clear contours, parallel side design and accent lines as its central design element. The sides of LEGRABOX are perfectly straight both inside and out as well as being ultra-slim at just 12.8mm. This allows the box system to blend in seamlessly with all furniture for a fully co-ordinated finish. It’s strong and stable even when fully extended and heavily laden and options include matt or metallic finishes as well as customised high fronts. What’s more, LEGRABOX can also be printed with any brand name on the sides for a unique storage solution tailored to a company’s needs.

To help keep storage organised and easy to access, Blum also offers AMBIA-LINE, an inner dividing system for LEGRABOX. A sleek black design with a minimal look, it features slim and straight sides to the box system with frames that can be positioned wherever needed. Held in place next to other frames by magnets, it also comes with anti-slip feet to keep everything securely in place with cross dividers that can be adapted to suit different sized items.

Blum also produces an inspiring collection of AVENTOS lift systems too, bringing the top quality of motion movement to wall cabinets as well as base units. If the door front is large or heavy, it’s no problem, as AVENTOS opens with effortless ease and full freedom of movement. For handleless wall cabinets, the lift system can be equipped with SERVO-DRIVE or TIP-ON motion technology.

Blum storage solutions can be found in all good kitchens, living spaces, bedrooms, bathrooms, hallways and home offices. 

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