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Blum UK’s Sustainability Initiative Balances Ecological and Economic Progress 

Clare Hollister

Leading components and fittings manufacturer Blum is proudly committed to sustainability and to the continual movement of ideas and innovations. A family-run Austrian company whose aim is to preserve natural resources for future generations, Blum utilises sustainable methods in everything from energy and resources to transport and mobility. Blum believes that a successful sustainable business strikes the right balance between ecological and economic progress and, along with its environmental and energy policy, a crucial component is the promotion of renewable energy. With this in mind, the company has recently installed 904 solar panels on its UK headquarters’ roof, generating 75% of the building’s power needs and estimated to save 94 tons of carbon per year.

One of the project leaders, Matthew Glanfield, says, “At Blum UK, sustainability lies at the heart of everything we do. Now we have gone the extra mile by installing a magnificent solar farm, embracing renewable energy as much as we can and nurturing a brighter tomorrow. Our passion for sustainability has driven these steps, as we ramp up our efforts and continue to live by our values.” 

The solar panels will generate energy during both working hours and out of hours, as well as weekends, and any excess energy will be sold back to the main grid.

Another part of the sustainability plan has been the inclusion of a beehive installation at the rear of the Blum UK warehouse. Three have been added so far with plans for a further seven. “We are so excited to announce our beehive installation as part of our sustainability journey,” says Raj Tanna, Blum Warehouse Manager. “We all have a responsibility to take care of nature and the environment and this is one of our contributions towards that goal. Our commitment to nature and the environment continues to expand and now, with the introduction of purely pollinator-friendly beehives, we are ready to make a real difference. We are so proud of our efforts to protect the environment and create a more sustainable future and could not be more thrilled to welcome our buzzing friends to our site.” So, remember, BEE is for Blum!

Blum’s sustainability focus also includes the entire life cycle of its products, from the production of the raw materials to the manufacturing and assembly until its usage and final disposal. “We hope to achieve all of our sustainability goals with a combination of partnership, inspiration and creative solutions,” says Cara Lee, Marketing & Communications at Blum UK. 

For further reading, Blum has also produced a sustainability brochure to illustrate its commitment and measures taken over the past business year. The 80-page brochure features the new sustainability logo (below) and makes operational, ecological and social figures transparent and easily comparable. You can view it

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