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Blum Wowed Visitors At Kbb 2024 With Innovative Solutions For Flexible And Compact Spaces

Clare Hollister

Held over four days at Birmingham’s NEC in March 2024, this year’s kbb show was the talk of the industry. With over 320 exhibitors, over 25 product categories and 15,000+ visitors, it was full of optimism and excitement with plenty to see, discuss and experience first-hand.

One of the three Blum stands

Leading components and fittings manufacturer Blum made a huge impact with its three adjacent stands, demonstrating why being a Blum partner opens up more opportunities for a business than simply buying a hinge or drawer runner and showing how customers can be inspired with innovative storage solutions for flexible and responsive living spaces.

Embracing the trend for urban living, where compact houses and apartments in cities and built-up areas need intelligent and innovative solutions for one-space living, kitchen and dining, Blum was delighted to showcase its 22 square metre concept home. In such a small space, every millimetre matters and visitors were able to see how Blum’s storage solutions make life easier and more ergonomic at the same time. It showed how Blum fittings can be used not only in the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom but also in the hallway, home office and utility room, too.

The 22 square metre home

With a hidden door to the bathroom, Blum’s 22 square metre home showed how space can be fully optimised at every level, with the new SPACE STEP providing access to top cupboards while also containing storage within, perfect for keeping a yoga mat, tennis rackets or rucksack for the gym safely and neatly tucked away until needed.

REVEGO pocket doors slide effortlessly into the custom-built carcass revealing the hidden kitchen

The Blum stand made headlines with its new REVEGO pocket system, a highly innovative solution that opens endless design possibilities, as demonstrated on the stand with a practical and stylish hidden kitchen and home office, both concealed behind REVEGO pocket doors. Perfect for studio apartments and city living, the kitchen can be completely hidden from view after cooking while home workers can close the door after their working day, free to relax during evenings and weekends.

REVEGO from Blum is a smart cabinet solution with fixed pocket widths that can be easily incorporated into plans featuring standard cabinets, making light work of assembly. Available as a single or double door application, it comes with a choice of plinth options and can be produced and pre-assembled by the manufacturer for delivery to the place of installation. Ideal for concealing kitchen units or even entire living areas, the large cabinet fronts of the new REVEGO pocket system are easy to plan, assemble and use, opening up brand new opportunities for designers, retailers and consumers alike.

The Home Office solution hidden by REVEGO doors when not in use

REVEGO uses Blum’s TIP-ON motion technology so users can open doors with a single touch then slide them away into the pocket so they completely disappear from view while saving space at the same time. To conceal the kitchen, home office or laundry room once again, users just press the door to release it from the pocket then press again to elegantly conceal the entire area.

This year, kbb also saw Blum showcasing its AMPEROS concept, a safe and systematic solution that enables the easy electrification of furniture. Users can power or charge their devices directly in their Blum drawers, create ambience with atmospheric lighting or have easy access to kitchen appliances with AMPEROS, which is easy to retrofit with no electrical skills required. 

AMPEROS charging concept keeping cables tidy and un-tangled

Whether used to charge or power mobiles and tablets, hair dryers or hair straighteners, AMPEROS allows for the safe supply of power to Blum drawers or pull-out shelves without any free-hanging or visible cables and as AMPEROS doesn’t require a drawer back, it’s perfect for coffee machines, food processors, printers or other small appliances that can be placed on Blum’s pull-out shelf that locks into place and can hold 40-70kg of weight depending on the runner selected.

Blum also showcased their services and support highlighting their Technical Services during the show, demonstrating a Fitters Box for installers and specialist machinery for manufacturers that makes their role so much simpler and time effective. Also introducing their Customer Engagement team who were expertly demonstrating the 22 sq meter apartment but are also responsible for Blum’s excellent experience centre.

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