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Designs with an extra dimension. Textured Surfaces from Decorative Panels Lamination.

Clare Hollister


The dp-limitless Textured Collection

Inspiring textures and hard proof that laminates can have depth – feel the difference with the Textured Surface collection from Decorative Panels Lamination and discover the beauty and endless possibilities of textured finishes from dp-limitless range.

Texture is one of the most important elements when it comes to design and the way it is used can have a huge impact on the atmosphere of the space you are designing. 

Unfortunately, in some designs today, many pieces of furniture can lack expression – they often seem flat and lifeless, even when contrasted with different colours. 

This can be especially true if there is nothing else in the interior to break up the ‘flatness’ of the furniture. How about livening up a room or piece of furniture to give it more energy and character by mixing in different textures. Just by adding expression by combining rough textures with the more simple and smooth surfaces can really enhance any product design.

Do you think laminate is flat? You probably need to rethink that. DP Lamination’s textured surfaces offer an attractive way to enhance the usability and aesthetic value of surfaces in your future projects. When we choose new laminates for our ranges we look at more than just the décor; now there is a large number of different kinds of textures available, the use of which can have surprising effects. Textured surfaces not only enhance the decor itself, but also offer new possibilities in terms of aesthetics and functionality. They extend the possible applications of the surface, for example, creating a warm and cosy feel to a space by enhancing its functionality and attractiveness.

Texture can greatly enhance a designed space and bring it to life, emphasising its style and character. Soft, matt textures with minimal depth offer a sense of calm and relaxation, while deeper textures and high gloss create an energetic atmosphere.

Well-chosen textures can achieve exceptional results. Gloss, for example, brings out depth from a solid colour, and textures complement stone decors and wood decors well, creating a realistic and exclusive visual experience.

The impressions and feelings generated by the surface have a strong impact on our emotions and strongly influence our perception. Tactile experiences are at the forefront of design. They are key because of their ability to stimulate our senses of touch and sight.

Decorative Panels Lamination offer a great collection of creative and functional textured polymer surfaces, available in quantities from as little as just one board!

These surfaces can be worked easily with common woodworking tools and machinery and can be recoated with acrylic, polyurethane and water based varnishes. 

Textured surfaces offer endless design possibilities, creating surprising concepts and contrasts with a strong personality. The panels are designed for both interior and exterior use.

The textured surfaces feature patterns such as geometric, textile, floral, raw wood and reinterpretations of contemporary classics.

Textured surfaces with optical effects or delicate cavities arranged in a geometric grid, such as Voice Tec Beehive Bianco, will provide additional tactile sensations and can subtlety stimulate a dynamic rhythm in space.

The rough textured surface like Voice Tec Tessuto Bianco provides a unique visual experience. It gives a real sense of nature. You can use it to create a soothing atmosphere, reminding you of the outside world.

Enhance the energy of a room with Voice Tec Italian Plank Bianco. This rough, wood-like texture reflects the raw surface of wood and offers a strong tactile experience. It works particularly well with decors and easily upgrade the energy of any room.

Don’t miss our most popular, versatile texture with excellent offering of a timeless visual experince – Voice Tec Juta Bianco. This non-directional surface finish is suitable for any decor, there is no lack of depth and movement in this texture. This stunning surface finish provides an exceptional tactile experience.

The textured finishes offered by Decorative Panels Lamination are a collection of white textured polymers from Italian manufacturer Voice Tec. Defined by Voice Tec as the perfect combination of novelty and elegance, creativity and functionality. Textured finishes can be incorporated into any furnishing solution, guaranteeing that each project is unique, exclusive and personal.

Very high technical characteristics and a great resistance to weather and UV rays. The surface can be overpainted using polyurethane, acrylic and water-based paints.

The impact of the panels is enhanced by their sensory dimension, unique design and customisation. Easy to work according to multiple industrial and handcrafted procedures (cutting, laser cutting, edge banding, folding, carving, milling…)

Textured surfaces should never be underestimated in interior design, as they are perceived by two senses – sight and touch and harmonise perfectly with the character of an interior. Don’t be afraid to use unusual surfaces. Don’t limit yourself, as different textures enhance the visual perception of a room. Interesting textures can make a big difference to the way a room is perceived.

Add dynamism and character to your interior with textured surfaces offered by Decorative Panels Lamination, available in quantities from as little as one board.

Available board sizes: 2800mm x 1300mm, available substrates: 15mm & 18mm MDF.

T: 01484 658341