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Digital Services: SCM, Pioneer With The New Maestro Connect’s Control Room

Clare Hollister

Maestro connect and the new Control Room service mark out a new proactive relationship model, to guarantee the client’s operational and business continuity.

Do you also think that having someone to support you in your daily activities would be a great help? 

It is precisely to this need that Maestro Connect’s new Digital Control Room responds. This service is the concrete result of a two-year project in which the advanced analysis of the data collected from the machines was combined with the expertise of SCM technicians to identify situations of risk or improvement, and the respective prescriptions. 

The Digital Control Room service was launched in September 2023 at the Grand Opening of the SCM Technology Centre in Rimini. Let’s find out what it is all about.

Everything starts from connected machines…

Maestro connect is SCM’s IoT platform which – starting with the collection of data from connected machines – provides a series of services to customers. These include the possibility to: remotely monitor the work and production of their own machine, observing any machine stops even at a distance from where it occurred; analysing the trends in the machine’s operating; organising and planning ordinary and scheduled maintenance work; opening a ticket requesting support from SCM’s Service and then being able to monitor its progress and enriching its content with videos and photographs to facilitate the troubleshooting process; ordering and receiving spare parts, services, training and software as quickly as possible by directly accessing SCM’s Spare parts e-shop.

But what other advantages can a manufacturer of furniture, doors or windows, irrespective of the company size, draw from the purchase of connected machines?

Thanks to the new Digital Control Room, nowadays, it is possible to receive a proactive and customised service of technical and advisory support with the important advantage for SCM’s customer who is able to increase the availability of the machine by knowing the best strategy of use, have an all-round control of the production process and become more autonomous with troubleshooting.

So what changes with the introduction of SCM’s Digital Control Room? 

Thanks to this new service, which is already included for customers who have a connected machine, the SCM service team contacts the customer to notify anticipatory situations regarding a potential problem or process drift, recorded through the analysis of machine data. 

We are not talking about error messages, but complex processing resulting from the analysis of time series on a large sample of machines in the field. 

This means that Service becomes a proactive function and changes the relationship between SCM and the customer: from reactive, on call, to proactive. 

SCM Service team is then able to call the customer before a possible stoppage or accident occurs, or to analyse together possible situations of sub-optimal machine utilisation, thus avoiding problems or additional costs related to excessive energy consumption or premature wear of components.

The technologies enabling the Digital Control Room’s Services

This new support procedure is enabled by the combination of a series of digital technologies: IoT, Cloud and Edge Computing technologies; Data analytics and data platform (Data Ingestion Services, data preparation and processing); AI and Machine Learning Business Intelligence in the data visualisation and reporting.

Smart & Human 

Buying an SCM machine means not just buying technology. It also means buying and sharing knowledge, the same knowledge of SCM experts who, thanks to this support model and these technologies, can provide clients with instructions, experience, advice on how to optimise production and improve their experience of using the machine through a new paradigm both physical and digital.

Facts & Figure 

There are about 1,300 machines installed all over the world which are connected to the IoT Maestro connect platform and generate data which can be monitored by the Digital Control Room every day.

Other services

And that’s not all. 2023 was the year when not only the digital services of the Control Room were launched but also other services of:

  • Virtual Training, a new Service training method, or rather an immersion training enabled by Digital twin technology to explain to and make the client autonomous when carrying out maintenance work on the machine;
  • Solutions Library, SCM’s Wikipedia: a shared tool of knowledge which, starting from the NLP (Natural language processing) technology, provides the user with all the knowledge content regarding the search performed.