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Door & Frame Machining Expertise from JJ Smith

Clare Hollister

With over 150 machine installations throughout the UK and Ireland, JJ Smith can rightly boast they are the number one choice for customers looking for the latest door and frame machining solutions. From simple semi-automatic programmable standalone machines, through to fully CNC controlled working centres with automated infeed and outfeed handling systems, JJ Smith can provide a solution to suit customers’ individual production requirements. 

Partnering with Europe’s leading manufactures to offer different levels of machining solutions, JJ Smith are able to recommend the best possible machine from both a budgetary and specification point of view.

Centauro ALFA Twin

Centauro – produce three different models of machine; the ALFA, ALFA Twin and ALFA Jamb. The hugely successful ALFA model is ideal for the customer looking for a cost-effective solution for machining doors and frames. Simple to set up / program, it is ideal for hinge recessing, lock case slotting, 3-point locking systems and making handle holes and key slots. To date there are over 80 ALFAs installed in the UK and Ireland, 95% of which are working on doors and frames. The ALFA Twin is a through feed machine that can simultaneously machine both sides of a door in just two minutes. The ‘new’ ALFA Jamb is also equipped with an infeed loading and outfeed unloading system, maximising production output of frames / jambs.

Comec MD Fast

Comec – offer a range of bespoke CNC machining solutions for the volume production of door frames. The multi head MD Jamb is designed for cutting, drilling on the end of frames and / or with the facility to drill and machine up to six sides of the frame. These can be made from MDF, solid wood, chipboard and other similar materials. Optionally the MD Jamb can be equipped with a front vertical hopper feed loading system or a horizontal loader with through feed driven belt. It is possible to select for the processing of an assembled jamb or flat jamb either batch or series production. Programming is through dedicated 4WOOD software assisted by 3D working models and parametric functions. On request, anti-collision simulation can be specified along with bar or QR code reading. Additionally, Comec produce the FRT series of hopper fed double sided milling machine for trenching / notching of the frame head.

Essepigi Doormatic Evolution Bridge

Essepigi – manufacture the Doormatic double sided through feed machines, including the top of the range ‘Evolution Bridge’. On this machine it is possible to carry out all the required machining operations of a door including sizing the blank, cutting apertures for vision panels or letter boxes, drilling for spy holes plus hinge and lock recessing. Thanks to the automatic linear tool changer it is possible to machine out grooves for the door seal and closer. As standard, the machine is equipped with an automatic door width sensor system to ensure all doors are within specified width tolerance. Optional equipment includes loading, unloading systems, vacuum lifting and automatic barrel turners to rotate the door through 360 degrees.

Door and Frame Production – Centauro ALFA Twin

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