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Festool Presents The Revolution In Table Saws

Clare Hollister

The new CSC SYS 50 provides precise cuts at the press of a button, compact dimensions and a state-of- the-art operating concept. These features make it an indispensable aid for interior finishing, as well as for carpenters and floor layers. Its centrally positioned and easy-to-read display allows you to adjust the height and angle with absolute precision and in next to no time. You can make even the most demanding cuts with maximum precision with the robust stop system made up of a parallel side fence, angle stop and sliding table. 

“The CSC SYS 50 is the world’s first portable table saw with electric height and angle adjustment and a display with menu navigation. This means that the new CSC SYS 50 marks a step towards digitalization. However, when we implement digital technology, we always focus on the benefits to customers. The CSC SYS 50’s digital functions aren’t a gimmick but offer real added value with respect to precision and enable a cutting quality of unprecedented consistency in a portable saw. Essentially, the CSC SYS 50 offers all the qualities of a contemporary panel saw but you can also take it with you onto construction sites,” explains Wolfgang Reines, Product Manager of the new cordless table saw. 

State-of-the-art operating concept 

The key feature of the CSC SYS 50 is the centrally positioned display, with its non-slip dial and two buttons at the side. This enables you to effortlessly save up to four saw blade positions in just a few steps. Another clever detail is that linking the table saw to the Festool Work App enables additional saw blade positions to be saved. You can use the display to electrically adjust the height and angle at the press of a button – accurate to a tenth of a millimetre. The height and angle (available in millimetres and inches) are set parallax-free via the digital display and are therefore more accurate than any visual judgement. In addition, you can preselect speeds appropriate for the material via the digital display.

Mobile sawing applications just like in the workshop 

In addition to its state-of-the-art operating concept, the new Festool CSC SYS 50 typically impresses customers with extremely precise sawing results, which are in no way inferior to a mains-powered saw when it comes to precision and quality. This is thanks to, among other features, the high- precision parallel side fence with double clamping (via a single lever). Moreover, it has a highly precise angle stop, which can be optimally aligned and centrally clamped via a groove on the slide and enables mitre angles of between -70° and +70°. The ball bearing-mounted slide can be moved completely smoothly and ensures parallel and angled cuts with maximum precision. Another practical detail is that, in the limited range of a cutting height of 35 mm, it is even possible to make angled cuts of up to -10°. This is ideal for undercutting infill panels because the field of vision in which the workpiece is to be cut is at the top. You can saw long workpieces exactly, safely and easily in combination with a slide, preset profile setting rail and additional underframe support. You can also use a groove in the slide to safely clamp workpieces together with the Festool FSZ clamp clips, which are available as an option. 

As powerful as a mains-powered tool 

Nor is the CSC SYS 50 in any way inferior to a mains-powered tool when it comes to power. The CSC SYS 50 is powered by a brushless EC-TEC motor and a dual battery system with two 18 V battery packs (from 4.0 Ah). This combination ensures a long runtime. For example, the brushless EC-TEC motor is long-lasting, maintenance-free and, on top of that, powerful. With high speeds of 6800 rpm, it enables fast sawing progress and perfect cutting results in equal measure. The dust collection bag allows work with low levels of dust, even without a mobile dust extractor. The table saw is an ideal partner for the new Festool CTC SYS, CTC MINI and MIDI cordless dust extractors. 

Incredibly convenient and surprising versatile 

The table saw is as surprisingly versatile as it is convenient due to its size and cutting capacities, with parallel cuts up to 280 millimetres, a cross cut width of up to 450 millimetres and angled cuts of 2° to 47°. The simple space wedge changes for hidden cuts and rebates is another feature which extends the saw’s range of applications. Moreover, you can reinstall the spacer wedge with the guard in an instant.

Precise sawing on the go 

Work is made even more convenient with the UG-CSC-SYS underframe specially developed for the CSC SYS 50. You can use this folding underframe to set the cordless table saw to the ideal working height in an instant. At the same time, it also serves as the ideal solution for transport from the vehicle to the construction site. The CSC SYS 50, packed in a Systainer, is compatible with bott vehicle equipment. However, even when away from the vehicle, the CSC SYS 50 can also be transported easily in one hand in a Systainer. Another practical detail is that saw blades, a spacer wedge and a dust collection bag are securely stowed in the lid of the Systainer. It has a three-year warranty, which also covers the battery packs and chargers. 

Festool’s battery-powered universe: There’s more to it than “just” power
“Battery technology and battery-powered devices are an extremely significant trend on the tools market. We have tailored our strategy to reflect this and are continuously expanding our portfolio accordingly. We want to take a more purposeful approach to ascertain how battery technology might best serve the application in question. We want to optimise the results so that the products are perfect for their applications, and we want to make work easier, safer and better for tradespeople,” says Sascha Menges, CEO of Festool GmbH. 

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