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Go Invisible With Lamello’s S-20

Clare Hollister

Are you looking to create precise and near-invisible furniture joints quickly and easily into material as thin as 8mm? If the answer is yes, then Lamello’s new Clamex S-20 needs your consideration.  

Making its UK debut at kbb Birmingham and the Materials & Finishes Show this May, the Clamex S-20 is a detachable furniture connector that is based on the universally known 4mm installation principle. With its thin design and strong joining force, the connector opens up completely new dimensions in wood joining technology.

Shaye Chatfield, Lamello UK’s Sales Manager says, “Like every Clamex connector from Lamello, the Clamex S-20 is detachable and is connected to the counterpart with a rotating lever that can be opened time and again. Using a biscuit joiner, the connector halves are anchored into the groove with two screws to ensure a strong hold, whilst the small 6mm access opening for closing and opening the connector offers a discreet finish on corner, surface or frame connections.

Shaye continues, “Whilst the existing Clamex S-18 connector needs an 8mm cut to insert the fitting, the new Clamex S-20 has been designed to work with a universal 4mm cut – making it even more versatile and quicker to use. Mitre joints are now possible on materials as thin as 14mm thick and butt joints with installation into the edges can measure as little as 8mm thick. The Clamex S-20 can also be used for angle connections from 30º – 180º and to make life even simpler, the system comes with its own drilling jig for precise positioning. 

“What’s more, the Clamex S-20 isn’t limited for use on a specific biscuit joiner. Instead, it can be used on any biscuit joiner machine with a 4mm blade, not just Lamello’s Classic X or Top 21. This makes it an affordable and flexible option for those working on site without an existing Lamello joiner or hobbyists and DIY enthusiasts that are yet to invest in Lamello’s P-System but still want a strong and accurate solution to creating connections at all angles without the need for adhesives.” 

Typical furniture applications include wardrobes installed into sloping roofs, cabinets, roof linings, thin surface connections and shelves. Plus, furniture joints for corner, surface and frame connections. 

Available now, customers can view and test the functionality of the connector and its diverse application possibilities by contacting their local Lamello supplier. 

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