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HOMAG’s PAQTEQ Creates Customised, Environmentally Friendly & Efficiency-Boosting Packaging

Clare Hollister

HOMAG’s PAQTEQ cardboard box cutting machines automatically produce resource-friendly, made-to-measure cardboard boxes. The state of the art technology significantly reduces the amount of cardboard and filling materials required for packaging products. It lowers packaged product transportation volumes and costs, and its just in time operation eliminates box storage requirements.

Customised or ready-made packaging for every requirement

PAQTEQ machines produce packaging to exact requirements – in the optimal shape, with high volume utilisation and a minimum unit cost. A core part of the technology is flexible tools that cut cardboard boxes to size automatically. 

The packaging technology has an adaptable cardboard feeding system with automatic access to a maximum of 12 different track widths.  This multi-line system enables the processing of complex multi-piece packaging solutions. 

The machine’s software also offers the option of using a vast array of ready-made packaging designs. These are readily available to purchase from the PAQTEQ online shop.

Performance, quality and safety are all increased with PAQTEQ technology when compared to that of manual packaging systems.

The flexibility of creating a complete packaging line

HOMAG’s PAQTEQ C-200 model is designed for stand-alone operation, while its PAQTEQ C-250 model can be integrated into packaging lines. It can be supplemented on an individual basis with a folding machine, sealing machine, robot insertion station or robot palletising to create a complete packaging line.

Displaypro selects HOMAG’s box cutting machine to assist expansion

Displaypro is one of the many companies to have benefitted from the technology of PAQTEQ C-250. Displaypro is a leading UK manufacturer and fabricator of retail displays, signs, catering and office equipment. The company’s products are sold worldwide and it operates from three branches across Norfolk and Lincolnshire. It has ambitious plans to expand nationwide.  

To increase the speed, accuracy and control of its packaging production the company’s managing director, Chris Bowles, chose to invest in HOMAG’s PAQTEQ C-250 cardboard-box cutting machine. 


Less production effort and reduced costs

Commenting on the investment, Bowles said: “The HOMAG cardboard-box cutting machine enables us to produce our packaging with far less effort, more accuracy and more safely than had been previously possible using manual cutting. 

“It has also the added benefit of significantly reducing our damage in transit costs and improving our customer experience. The benefits this new equipment brings will therefore assist our company’s growth plans.”

Quality and adaptability were key

When selecting the new equipment Bowles reviewed the specifications of three specialist cardboard-box cutting machine suppliers at various trade shows.  He selected the HOMAG machine as it had the right features for his company’s requirements. This included the machine’s adaptability and inline printing upgrade facility. Bowles also had previous experience of using HOMAG equipment and so trusted the brand’s product quality and reputation.

Exceptional customer care

Enthusing about the service he received from HOMAG, Bowles went on to say: “HOMAG’s customer care was exceptionally good. Throughout the buying process, I received regular communications from HOMAG. 

“As a result, they made sure that I got exactly the right product specification for our company’s requirements. HOMAG also made certain that our staff were adequately trained to effectively operate the machinery from day one.”

Flexible finance 

With its worldwide cooperation partners, HOMAG offers appropriate financing solutions for all of its high-tech products. So, if cash flow is an issue right now, it need not inhibit investment in a PACTEQ solution that will help you grow your business. 

For more information on the PAQTEQ packaging machines or finance solutions, visit HOMAG’s website – 

If you would like a demonstration or further information on HOMAG’s machinery or software, please contact Adele Hunt at HOMAG UK on 01332 856424 or email: [email protected]