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Mokko Ltd Starts Up With Joinerysoft

Clare Hollister

Simon Walker-Smart has bought Joinerysoft’s Joinery Management Software (JMS) twice.

The first time as a joinery manager for a large social housing provider in Plymouth and the second time, after he was made redundant during the Covid pandemic and decided to set up his own joinery workshop. The resulting Mokko Ltd, the name inspired by the Japanese word for woodwork, is based in Plymouth and services the heritage market around the historic Royal William Yard with its large collection of Grade 1 listed buildings.

Being made redundant just over three years ago, Simon hadn’t planned to return to bench joinery after more than 13 years managing a large workshop, but being asked to return to the bench to cover staff shortages during the Covid pandemic made Simon realise that even after over 40 years in the joinery industry his love of making joinery was just as strong as ever.

Attracted by the lure of being able to set his own hours and being able to ‘enjoy’ woodworking again, Simon knew that he wanted to make his business run as smoothly as possible. This meant that JMS was the first item he purchased when starting Mokko Ltd, even before his tooling. JMS provides him with quotes, cutting sheets, glass reports, timber orders, even delivery notes and invoicing.

Now with a well equipped workshop there are just two joiners at Mokko, Simon and one other, a contemporary from his days as a joinery apprentice at Devonport Dockyard over 40 years earlier! Simon is fortunate in that the trust that was earned while managing the previous workshop where he worked has followed him to his new venture, with many customers following him to Mokko. Even the social housing provider, now with no workshop of their own, sends work his way too.

There are many things Simon likes about Joinerysoft. Firstly, quoting is so quick and easy that even with interruptions he can produce and email a price to customers within a few minutes. He says, “JMS not only saves me time but saves me stress too”. When quoting Simon also uses the u-value calculator. He says, “I’m sometimes asked by architects for a specific value. When I get a specification with a u-value required I am able to use the software to adjust the window until it meets the required value, either by changing the timber or thickness of the glass. It is really useful.”

Secondly, customers like the professional looking paperwork and he says the result of this is that “customers seem to trust the price without question because of its professional layout and detail”. He adds, “Printed in colour the quotes also make it easy to differentiate different timber or different glass.”

Thirdly, JMS’ accuracy, both in pricing and in calculating cutting sheets, timber or glass orders makes the workshop more profitable and more efficient. He says, “I can order in the correct timber for the job removing the need for extra stock.”

Lastly, being a user of Joinerysoft for over 8 years, has given Simon confidence in its customer support. “Joinerysoft staff are very friendly and passionate about their product. Support and ongoing updates are good. It’s not like I’ve been sold something and then been forgotten about.” He adds, “It’s great talking to the support guys, John and the other joiners, because as time served joiners themselves you can talk a common language.”

The future for Simon involves a ten year plan to take him to retirement with the business hopefully being sold as a going concern. With JMS he believes this is looking possible.

Simon concludes, “JMS takes the stress out of running a business. It saves me hours quoting – what price can I put on that?” He continues, “A lot of self employed people work 24/7. With JMS I can afford to take time off. It leaves my weekends free to have family time.”

He adds, “anyone interested in software for joinery – I’d recommend looking at Joinerysoft’s JMS and tell them, ‘Just go for it’”.

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