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Packaging and Transport Material by Ostermann 

Clare Hollister

Carpenters/cabinet makers put a lot of know-how, along with their heart and soul, into every new piece of furniture. So it would be a shame if damage occurred during transport. Ostermann therefore offers a wide range of materials for packaging and transport. 

No workshop should be without packaging material. Preferably from sustainable, i.e.reusable or recyclable materials. In some cases, however, you cannot do without the good old stretch foil. Depending on their needs, furniture makers will find a wide range of materials for packaging and transport at Ostermann: from hook and loop tapes and adhesive tapes to covers, foils, or transport accessories such as carrying aids or lashing straps. Find more information on, under the search term “#packaging”. 

Pack it in 

If you want a sustainable solution to protect your furniture, take reusable cargo covers. Ostermann has them in two sizes. Or you can use Kraft paper, which can also be applied as backing paper. For fixing the furniture, there is reusable hook and loop tape (rolled goods with 5 metres per roll) or paper masking tape by REDOCOL greenline. The range further includes foam foil and bubble wrap as well as stretch foil and various other adhesive tapes. 

Easier Done Than Said

To make transport of the packed workpieces as easy on the back as possible, Ostermann offers all-purpose trolleys and lifting and moving straps. The Ostermann experts recommend the new, leather-reinforced cross straps. The 5 metre long belt can be used by one person alone or two people, and holds workpieces weighing up to 100 kg. 

No Sliding and Slipping 

To keep tools and furniture in place during transport, Ostermann supplies various lashing straps. We also recommend the non-slip mats for load securing. They are available as rolled goods in different widths or as a set, and even readily cut to an octagon.

Ostermann Tip: Ergonomic Tools & Aids 

If you are looking for more products to support an ergonomic transport of materials or finished workpieces, take a look at the “Ergonomic Tools & Aids” category in the Ostermann online shop. You will find here, for example, drywall supports, board carriers, or suction lifters. 

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