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SCM’s Smart&Human Evolution At Xylexpo

Clare Hollister

Integrated solutions and complete processes for any kind of woodworking application will be on show in a completely innovative and multimedia format.

Taking centre stage will be the Digital Control Room with new Maestro connect digital services, as well as a new and improved performance MES and other new software entries. 

The Grand Opening of the modernised SCM-Superfici Technology Centre in Villasanta (MB), can be visited during the trade fair and offers an extensive programme of practical demonstrations.

Hall 3

SCM is getting ready for the up-and-coming Xylexpo Show with a full programme of technological and digital innovations, thanks to the level of new entries which the Italian group has in store for the entire secondary wood processing sector, and for the completely new presentation procedures.

Visitors will have a chance to explore the technologies, software and digital services which best suit their production needs in a completely new fashion, with state-of-the-art multimedia and immersive tools which will project Xylexpo visitors even further into the future of woodworking and into the heart of SCM’s complete and limitless production range.

A Smart&Human evolution which will focus on everything new within the automated, integrated and complete processes, designed to meet the new production challenges dedicated to every field of application: furnishings and kitchens, windows and doors, flooring, timber construction, surface treatment, nautical and caravan industry, and joinery.

Integrated and advanced machines and systems will be showcased for each sector with the additional integration of Cms – an Scm Group company – technologies to machine material like glass, stone, metal, plastic and composites. Solutions aimed at making the processes more sustainable and efficient even in batch-1 production and at achieving bespoke products with an, as ever, outstanding quality and level of design.

Plenty of space will also be reserved for software and digital services designed to accompany the client at each stage of the production process. 

The new digital services enabled by the IoT Maestro connect platform also available in the new mobile version, will be on display. The continuous exchange of information from the machine to the cloud means SCM can provide clients with rapid access to answers and specific advice which will assist the operators with their challenges and needs for autonomy demands, carrying out of maintenance and programming the machine and software. 

On the subject of which, a fully operational version of SCM’s Digital Control Room will be reproduced, offering the chance to discover how the data is processed to provide proactive and advisory assistance services, with the aim of guaranteeing the client production continuity thanks to the most evolved digital technologies and the constant dedication of SCM’s Service team. 

Also making its début is SCM’s new MES, with even better performance levels and fully adaptable to the client’s needs. Some of the main advantages include easy configuration of the interfaces and the possibility of integrating with software and third-party digital services already provided by the client; an opening that SCM is placing increasingly more at the centre of its digital offer thanks to the partnership programmes developed with external house software.

The new eye-M console for all of SCM’s machines brings the bonus of ergonomics and ease of use to make the operator’s work easier. It boasts modular programming and increased computing power. 

The common advantages of a large number of the groups’ new software include reduced expenditure and less material waste coupled with greater efficiency. 

With regard to cnc machining centres and drilling solutions, SCM will present Maestro lab for both office and machine CAD/CAM programming. Intuitive and dynamic, this software transforms an idea into a finished product thanks to intelligent and technologically advanced programming functions and more than150 already integrated apps. From the office to the factory in a flash via a pleasant and fast user experience.

Maestro active beam&wall is the new HMI software dedicated to cnc machining centres for timber construction. It allows quick, easy and all-round control, thanks to new functions such as 3D visualisation and advanced user management as well as a totally renewed graphic interface aligned with that of the latest generation of software. 

For the beam saw, Maestro optiwise is the new cutting optimization software for the gabbiani panel saws. Developed for programming production in the office, the software allows for the automatic generation of cutting diagrams identifying the best solution in terms of waste, time and costs based on the parameters selected by the user. 

Also showcasing is the Maestro stackwise, a state-of-the-art solution designed to increase efficiency and productivity. The system uses advanced algorithms to analyse and optimise piece stacking during the made-to-measure cutting process, ensuring that they are strategically placed to achieve maximum efficiency, reducing scraps to a minimum and maximising return.

New entries also for edgebanding with Maestro edgestore manager for the centralised management of client’s edges, which allows their consumption to constantly be kept under control and their location in the warehouse, as well as sharing information with the software and the company management systems.

Another important new entry will be the opening of the new SCM-Superfici Technology Centre in Villasanta (MB), which can be visited during the trade fair, just 30 minutes from Rho-Milano. These spaces have been extended and modernised to offer a wider range of technologies: not just the Superfici solutions for finishing and the SCM ones for sanding and pressing, but also other group technologies, to complete the clients’ processes.


Live streaming presentations from various SCM Technology Centres.

Automation systems

Beam saw cell for batch 1 made up of: flexstore elr automatic storage, for better logistics of semi-machined pieces; single-blade gabbiani g2 panel saw complete with, among other things, automatic panel labelling; articulated robot to automate the cutting and off-loading operations, reducing the need for human supervision. 

Beam saw and nesting cell for batch 1 with flexstore hp automatic storage and robot for unloading finished pieces, small pieces and scraps. Gabbiani p80 beam saw and morbidelli x200 nesting machining centre are integrated in the automatic storage which allows the panels to be stocked, labelled and loaded directly onto the worktable of both machines, protecting the most delicate surfaces. Simultaneously, the gabbiani p80 beam saw can perform stack cutting with high levels of productivity.

Cargo is a patented automatic loading and unloading system that can be integrated with the morbidelli m200 and accord 500/600 cnc machining centres for the machining of panels and doors.

The morbidelli cx220 drilling and dowelling flexible cell with robot to create every kind of furniture element more efficiently, even with pieces that differ greatly from one another. The cell produces one panel per minute and up to more than 400 panels per shift with an operator in just 50 m2. It can be used with just the robot for continuous production, or with partial operator supervision.

For windows and doors manufacturing, the new version of windorflex will be on show.


Beam saw

The gabbiani p range expands with the new gabbiani p95 and gabbiani pt95 panel saws, designed respectively for batch-1 machining and series production. 


Making its début is the stefani m, an industrial edge bander representing a highly competitive investment, with advanced technological solutions for automatic set-up. Excellent machining quality is the great advantage of this edgebanding solution which has operating units with servo-assisted technologies to continually guarantee top design levels.

The entry-level olimpic 300 will also be on show, offering excellent quality and versatility for small craft businesses looking to make their mark on the market. Available in manual and automatic version, olimpic 300 is simple to use and guarantees very quick set-up times.

SCM also presents new pre-melters, transversal to the stefani and olimpic ranges: innovative glue fusion solutions with versatile devices for EVA and PUR glue.


On show is the morbidelli pwx500, a flexible, high-productivity drilling machine for fast, top-quality processing. Perfect for connected and integrated production and to achieve highly competitive standards on medium and large batches. 

Surface treatment

For sanding, SCM will present its exclusive multifunctional roller unit available on the dmc sd 90 model: this unit allows you to switch from calibration to sanding operations on solid wood, raw, veneered and polished panels in a matter of minutes, by simply change out the rubber coating. 

Also on display is the dmc system with a laser engraving unit with exclusive finishing and three-dimensional marking on wood flooring, solid wood elements, MDF panels to be veneered, fibre cement panels and solid surfaces of any length. Furthermore, the exclusive Self-Refilling technology – a distinctive bonus of SCM’s laser unit – guarantees the same process parameters and the same power over time, without interrupting the workflow.

For finishing, Superfici will present state-of-the-art UV processes like an excimer treatment with exclusive excimatt technology for a finish on the most extensive range of finished products and material. 

Also being showcased is a UV LED polymerisation system with several UV monochromatic sources which, thanks to Superfici’s patented system, manages to radiate at different wavelengths for greater efficiency. 

Also on display: robot maestro for painting windows and doors, designed by Superfici starting with the arm movement of an artisan and converted into an articulated robot, now available with 8 axes. 


Showcasing for assembly work is action e, now available with a new loading and unloading system


The new range of cut c packaging solutions with cardboard will be presented for the production of just-in-time bespoke boxes and the new pack c100 for the automatic closure of die-cut cardboard boxes using hot-melt glue.

Timber construction

On show is the oikos xs, highly versatile cnc machining centre, ideal for companies looking for high speed and precision, combined with a small footprint and low cost. Suitable for the production of straight beams, prefabricated walls, trusses, roofs and blockhauses.

The dmc system xl will be presented for the automatic sanding-calibrating of CLT panels, with three new units: bottom lower roller unit and top/bottom pad unit to machine both the upper face and the lower one of the CLT panels up to 3700 mm in width and 500 mm thick, and the transversal “piggyback” crossbelt unit, a solution developed to optimise the machine’s spaces and guarantee as little space as possible being taken up.

Squaring-tenoning and profiling

The squaring-tenoning and profiling technology represented by the celaschi models, will be showcased by its different configurations in all processes, from the throughfeed cutting of panels for the furniture industry to the profiling of inclined parquet; from the machining of insulated material to the tenoning in windows and doors systems with the new celaschi action double-sided tenoner. 

On show is the interactive model of the celaschi p60 for ‘step’ CNC machining, a machine that takes the concept of profiling to a new level.

Joinery machines

Spotlight on the “blade off” safety system which will be demoed in live streaming from the new Technology Center in Villasanta. This SCM innovative solution responds to the clear requirement of minimising the intrinsic danger of using a circular saw, without limiting the productivity and the operator’s creativity. 

Finally, at Xylexpo SCM will launch the new portable “maker” CNC, the mobile numerical control router, capable of autonomously creating unique and complex objects, without having to dedicate permanent space in the workshop. A new CNC designed for wood enthusiasts, craftsmen and businesses, looking for a flexible tool capable of working even on large surfaces.