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Serica Update

Clare Hollister

Serica, the silky super matt premium surface, encompasses both anti-fingerprint and thermal healing properties. In the case of minor scratches the surface can be repaired using heat to renovate.  This ultra modern collection is available as an 18mm double sided foil MDF panel, which makes this product a perfect choice for many applications. Designed for use in all types of furniture for the home, office and retail.

 Panelco have updated their current range with an additional six new modern colours to their collection. Caramel the golden warm amber colour that permeates warmth throughout, this soft tone is perfect as a contrast to darker schemes to portray a contemporary look. A natural earthy Sage green, a simple natural fresh tone; this will surely enhance interiors to create a warm atmosphere. The new Rusty Red décor is a subdued reddish orange hue, displaying warm tones yet a bold and rich hue. The sophisticated Scandi style is still very popular Alby Blue does not disappoint fresh and contemporary a modern design choice. Reed Green a calming warm green effect, classic and luxurious that can easily mix with interiors that require warmth yet still a neutral choice. Black is a design classic that never goes away an achromatic solid colour with modern style that will add statements in any scheme.

In addition to the new colours the many benefits of the Serica range prove invaluable to designers that are looking for something a little different for their creations yet with durable qualities. Silky Touch, Anti-fingerprint, High scratch resistance, Super matt, Easy Repair and Thermoformable surfaces to name a few this is a truly incredible product. An extremely robust product with no compromise on colour choice, the range of Serica colours available from Panelco now totals 16 decors to choose from, ranging from stark whites, soft natural tones to dark modern tones.

In addition to the Serica collection Panelco carry a choice of 18 Senoplast high gloss designs. Scratch resistant properties and high UV resistance makes this a premium product. Expect to see your classic solid colours alongside metallic decors and softer tones the choice really is yours. A full range of 34 decors confirms the ever growing partnership between Panelco and Decorative Panels who they have worked closely with for many years. “Part of my role is to develop product ranges with our suppliers and promote them in the best way possible” says Julie Dean, Group Marketing Manager. Since the installation of our design studios we encourage our customers to use the space in any way they like, it can be a design led meeting with the team or private meetings with their own customers. Having such a great space to display all of our ranges is a huge advantage when it comes to promotion. We plan to add in the new designs from Serica shortly and to display further new products in our Innovation areas, we love inviting customers to share this experience with us, we actively ask for their help in choosing decors and this is working well so far.

All six new designs are now available ex stock, contact our sales team to order your new updated swatch collection or A4 samples of any of the colours or find out more