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The HOMAG And Heesemann Partnership Delivers Advanced Sanding Solutions

Clare Hollister

In 2022, HOMAG announced a landmark partnership with Karl Heesemann Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG. The deal guaranteed HOMAG customers access to the latest wide-belt sanding machine technology, along with a full support and spare parts service. The agreement, which sees all the sanding machines branded as ‘Heesemann’,  brings together the very best in terms of people and sanding technology. 

“From our perspective,” explains HOMAG UK managing director, Simon Brooks, “it means we can continue to offer both our existing and new wide-belt sanding customers the very best solutions for their particular sanding requirements.

“Heesemann is a great company to work with and by merging the best of both companies, we can now offer first class Heesemann branded sanding machinery across the board; from entry level to industrial sanding solutions.” 

HSM.2 New Edition

Heesemann SWT-100 Entry Level Wide-belt Sander

For small to medium sized kitchen, bedroom, office and solid wood furniture manufacturers, the Heesemann SWT-100 provides a versatile sanding solution. It has a working width of 1,100 mm, and an electro-pneumatic pressure beam eps® to guarantee perfect sanding results.

There are five models available in the SWT-100 range including the 114 C Performance and Advanced, and the twin-head 124 RC Standard, Performance and Advanced.

The 2 in 1 C-head with eps® is a fine sanding head with a calibration function for intermediate lacquer, fine and veneer sanding of wood, wood-based materials and lacquered surfaces. The R-head provides precise calibration of wood and wood-based materials with high stock removal rates and roughening of surfaces for glue preparation. It also features a wear-resistant profiled contact roller to avoid the so-called ‘wash-out’ effect which is possible when sanding wood with large differences in density.

Heesemann HSM Compact – Your Entry Into Automated Sanding

With a footprint of just 4.5 sq. m., the HSM Compact is a universal surface sanding machine for craft businesses. It is capable of handling applications ranging from calibration, intermediate veneer and lacquer sanding, structuring and cleaning panels, solid wood or veneered workpieces.

Available with one or two heads, it is equipped with the patented CSD magnetic pressure beam as standard, a 15.6” touchscreen control display, automatic workpiece thickness setting and measuring, and stepless variable cutting speed control.

The HSM Compact has a range of optional extras to enable machine customisation for specific needs. These include a vacuum clamping system, a powered finishing brush, and profiled contact rollers made of steel and rubberised in different Shore hardness (a measure of the resistance a material has to indentation).

Heesemann HSM New Edition

The HSM New Edition is an automatic surface sanding machine designed for small and medium-sized craft and industrial companies. In its standard configurations it has either two, three or four units to handle effect sanding, cross sanding, lacquer or high-gloss sanding for panels, solid wood or veneered workpieces.

The New Edition model features a disc brush unit (DB-S) which produces a flawless surface. It consists of five satellites (six for a sanding width of 1,600 mm) with each satellite holding two 150 mm diameter disc brushes. The direction and speed of rotation of the satellites and discs can be adjusted independently for maximum flexibility and performance.

The DB-S brush unit enables creative finishes to be achieved such as a ‘vintage’ look, random depressions to create a ‘planed’ appearance or a ‘sawed’ finish. As with all Heesemann sanders, it is controlled via an industrial PC touchscreen.

Heesemann SWT-100

Heesemann HSM .2/.3 Surface Sanding Machine

The HSM series offers the ideal machine for handcraft businesses, and is particularly relevant for carpenters and interior designers. Available in predefined standard  configurations, it is equipped with either two or three units.

Whether for effect sanding, cross sanding or lacquer and high-gloss sanding of panels, solid wood or veneered workpieces, it is a powerful and versatile machine. Both variants have a working width of 1,300 mm and a variable feed speed of some 3 -15 m/min.

In conclusion Simon Brooks said: “We are delighted to be working with Heesemann. Their professional, yet friendly approach matches the culture created here at HOMAG. The arrangement enables us to provide high quality sanding solutions for our customers in the UK and Ireland. It is great to have their knowledge and expertise supporting us in this specialist market sector.”

For a demonstration or more information on the range of Heesemann wide-belt sanders or any HOMAG machinery and software, please contact Adele Hunt at HOMAG UK on 01332 856424. 

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