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AFS BIOMASS – Pyrolysis & Hot Air Turbine technology for electricity and heat co-generation 

Clare Hollister

The latest state-of-the art technology can generate electricity and heat from your waste including off-cuts, shavings and sawdust. 

How does it work?

The pyrolysis thermal combustion unit produces consistent temperature hot gases at approx. 950ºC. These gases pass through an air to air heat exchanger from which the pressurised clean hot air powers a hot air turbine to generate electricity. The hot flue gases and hot clean air, still at approx. 450ºC, can then be used to generate heat through an air to water heat exchanger, steam through a steam generator or more electricity through an ORC (organic rankine cycle) waste heat electricity generator. The only waste, or bi-product, is biochar. Often referred to as “carbon gold” or “black gold”, biochar is a carbon rich material with compelling environmental benefits. 

What is biochar?

Normal thermal combustion of wood produces ash which needs to be disposed of ethically. Pyrolysis thermal combustion, or pyro-gasification, produces INDUSTRY biochar, which is a highly sought after product in various different markets including agriculture, water purification and construction. Top quality biochar can sell for more than £1,000/tonne. 

Carbon Credits

A carbon credit represents either the permanent removal of a tonne of CO₂ from the atmosphere, or the avoidance of one tonne of CO₂ being emitted in the first place, through changes in energy generation or carbon capture. Biochar produced from pyro-gasification is recognised as a carbon sink, i.e. it captures or locks away carbon permanently. Biochar attracts CORCs, CO₂ removal certificates, which can be traded on carbon exchanges or retained in the expectation of future growth. Grade “A” biochar currently attracts 2.75 credits/tonne. 

Why Invest in a Co-Generation System?

There are compelling reasons to invest: 

  • Become self-sufficient for electricity and heat 
  • Massively reduce electricity bills 
  • Save money on fossil fuel heating 
  • Use manufacturing waste as fuel 
  • Sell the only waste/bi-product – biochar 
  • Earn from trading carbon credits 
  • Become carbon neutral 

For more information contact:
AFS Biomass Ltd
e: [email protected]
t: 0161 302 2851