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Ostermann With Two New Catalogues

Clare Hollister

Two new Ostermann catalogues will be published in September. The comprehensive reference books Creative Design [CD] and Edgings | Practical Processing [PP] show the entire diversity of the Ostermann range and offer inspiration for new projects. 

As in all creative professions, an integral part of a furniture maker’s work is to be regularly re-inspired. Customers therefore like to pick up the Ostermann catalogues: when you leaf through the several hundred pages of the reference books, you are bound to find new products or ideas. As a service and inspiration for their customers, the company has worked hard to launch a new edition of the strong tandem. In addition, both reference works can also be found digitally at the download centre at

Two Catalogues. One Goal: Perfect Service 

As before, the catalogues are divided based on the two elementary steps in furniture making – the first being the design and the second the practical processing in the workshop. Accordingly, the new editions are titled Creative Design (CD for short) and Edgings | Practical Processing (PPfor short). 


Thenewly launched grey catalogue is called Creative Design [CD]. It includes design items such as handles and furniture luminaires or surfaces for furniture and wall design. It is ideal for presenting the manifold design options in the showroom or on site at the customer’s premises. In the “Made to Measure” section, you can learn all about the different customisable elements that Ostermann delivers according to personal specifications. 

PP: Practical Processing 

Thenew red catalogue is called Practical Processing [PP]. Here you will not only find Europe’s largest immediately available range of edgings and lots of background information on “everything edging”, but also the matching workshop supplies, such as adhesives and cleaners. What is the ideal processing temperature for my adhesive? Which surfaces can I clean with the product? Such detailed information makes the new catalogue a perfect companion for the workshop. 

What is new? What is different? 

First of all, there are many new products in both catalogues. In the [PP] catalogue, for example, the new linoleum edgings make their first appearance. The continuously growing range of profiles is also to be found here. In the [CD] catalogue, readers can expect new surfaces for naturalistic wall design, such as moss. In addition, table fittings and furniture castors are also included for the first time. Also worthy of mention are the inspiration pages in the Creative Design [CD] catalogue, where various spaces were designed using Ostermann products. In short, there is a lot to discover! 

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