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Build A Sanctuary Of Luxury With Hranipex And Partners 

Clare Hollister

Interior design is at the heart of people’s lifestyles and with Hranipex renowned brand Riex, you can create additional storage space, new possibilities of usage and exceptional bedroom architecture. 

A Source of Pride in Stocking HAWA 

In the world of interior design, partnerships between trusted suppliers and distributors play a focal role. Hranipex takes pride in being a stockist of HAWA Combino Sliding Doors solutions, a family-owned company with more than 50 years Swiss quality. This collaboration signifies a commitment to delivering excellence in interior design by providing access to products that blend innovation and craftsmanship. 

One of the most impressive features of the HAWA Combino Sliding Doors is their robust load capacity. Each door can bear a weight of up to 50 kg, ensuring that even larger and heavier doors can be effortlessly maneuvered. This load capacity not only speaks to the high-quality engineering of the system but also adds an element of reliability that is crucial in any interior application.

Hranipex’s decision to stock the HAWA Combino Sliding Doors reflects the dedication to offering solutions that meet the highest standards of quality and reliability. With Hranipex extensive experience and expertise in the industry, to align with a premium brand such as HAWA highlights the commitment to delivering value to our customers.

Riex NC70 now available in dark grey 

To complement the Hawa systems, Riex NC70 hinges are suitable for a wide range of doors and Hranipex are proud to confirm Riex has evolved the range and is now available in a sophisticated dark grey hue. This elegant colour choice positions these hinges as the perfect companion when crafting luxury furniture. Available in inset, half, and full overlay options, each variant boasts a soft-close mechanism, guaranteeing a consistent sense of luxury. Jason Southam, Hranipex product manager confirms ‘’The blend of luxurious quality with affordable prices allow to you offer the perfect solutions to your customer with the NC70 range”.

Complete the Look with Additional Riex Components in Dark Grey

Optimise wardrobe space with Riex VX95 Aluminium Frame with Storage Mesh Basket in dark grey! Designed with functionality and style in mind, this aluminium pull-out wardrobe frame is the essence of modern storage innovation. 

A standout feature in the VX95 is that it effortlessly glides on concealed soft-closing slides, ensuring a seamless and quiet operation. Available in widths ranging from 600mm to 900mm, the Riex VX95 Aluminium Frame with Storage Mesh Basket is a versatile choice that complements various wardrobe styles and sizes.

Experience systematised dark grey wardrobes and create a coherent design with Riex VX75 aluminium trousers rack. A sleek aluminium frame that glides on hidden soft-closing slides, accompanied by aluminium profile trouser hangers for a refined and efficient wardrobe solution. VX75 offers versatility with widths available from 600mm to 900mm.

Riex VX47 pull-down wardrobe bar has an impressive load capacity of 25kg making it an ideal solution for heavy loads to be lifted comfortably with the spring lifting mechanism. VX47 comes with soft-close mechanism in both up and down positions and is easy to assemble and install. 

To complete the realm of luxury, the finishing touches include handles and knobs on the cabinets. Within the Riex comprehensive collection you can choose between traditional or modern design, the handles will always be durable and perfectly made to coherently complement the luxury feel of your designs. 

Jason further explains “focusing on craftsmanship, quality, and cohesion Hranipex can offer the perfect solution”. 

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