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Complex Connections Made Easy With Lamello

Clare Hollister

If you’re looking to join complex components with ease, it’s time you put Lamello’s award-winning P-System to the test. 

Recently, a Lamello Zeta P2 user asked for a quick and easy solution for inserting angled shelves into an entertainment unit after it had been lacquered. Traditionally, the process would have involved the gluing and lacquering of the complete unit but with multiple components and narrow angles incorporated into the design, it would have been a slow and laborious process. 

For a P-System user, the solution is much simpler. By building a carcass using Lamello’s Tenso fixings – a self-clamping gluing aid – a furniture manufacturer can assemble the unit independently of its shelves and, once painted, the shelves can be fitted using the Clamex P-14 Flexus. 

So, how does it work? Thanks to its flexible positioning pins, the Clamex P-14 Flexus offers an adaptable assembly sequence. The pins are bevelled and moveable, enabling workpieces to be tilted in both directions for ease of use and, with no limitations on the sequence of assembly, its ideal for the joining of corner connections, dividing panel joints and angles.  

It’s also fully detachable, offers considerably stronger results than traditional joining techniques and because it can go into thinner materials, it’s suitable for use on mitres from 22.5-180 degrees on surfaces, corners and dividing panel connections. 

Here’s how it’s done… 

1. Cut P-System grooves into the end faces 

2. Place the component in the correct position of the counterpart and apply the centre cleft

3. Align the Zeta P2 with the centre marking and cut the grooves in the surface

4. Insert the connector halves. To tighten the Clamex P-14 Flexus, one half of the component needs a 6mm drilling. The positioning of the drill is easy thanks to the supplied drilling aid.

5. Insert the component into the carcass and swivel in place

6. The flexible positioning pins engage in the correct position

7. Tighten the Clamex P-14 Flexus with the assembly tool 

8. To disassemble simply release the lever again

9. Move component sideways and remove

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