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Clare Hollister

As the modern office evolves, the need for functional and aesthetically pleasing furniture continues to grow. With this in mind, over the past year Hranipex has evolved and adapted with the ever-growing industry and are proud to be a supplier of furniture fittings and components, that can offer solutions when manufacturing office furniture. 

Hranipex extensive range of products caters to the needs of the modern office and ensures that furniture is equipped with the necessary features to support the work environment.

One of the most critical aspects of office furniture is its functionality. Furniture must be designed to meet the power needs of the office, and Hranipex supplies a range of power sockets that do just that. Our F004870 – Riex ED14 Electrical socket UK is an excellent example of this. This socket comes with four outlets and a 2-meter power cable with plug, making it perfect for office use. It is designed to meet UK electrical standards and has a sleek black body and modules that complements modern office interiors.

Cable management is another essential consideration when it comes to office furniture. Hranipex provides a range of cable management solutions that help to organise and conceal cables. The ASA Plastic Exit Dual 2.0 Aluminium cable outlet is an excellent product in this category. The outlet is designed to be mounted on a desk or workstation, providing easy access to cables while keeping them organised. Available in a sleek black (F005559) or white (F005558) finish and the top is made of solid aluminium that can withstand daily wear and tear.

Security is also a crucial consideration when it comes to office furniture. Hranipex offers an array of locks and accessories that can be used to secure furniture. An outstanding illustration of this can be seen in the F002104 – Riex EP64 Espagnolette bar lock. The lock is nickel-plated combined with a sleek finish that complements modern office furniture, this is paired with the F002105 Riex EP64 Bar for espagnolette bar lock available in 1000mm and 1200mm lengths. We recommend the lock to be used with the F002056 Riex EP20 Cylinder lock core A5001, which has a plastic cap and folding keys, adding an extra layer of security. Cylinder cores are available with differing or, the same key combinations, depending on your needs. 

Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction makes us a trusted supplier for office furniture manufacturers. Our products are durable, easy to install, and have a modern finish that complements office interiors. Additionally, the vast range of products cater to the needs of different manufacturing needs.

Product specialist Adam Stevenitt confirms 

‘’Our extensive range of products ensures that furniture is equipped with the necessary features to support the work environment.’’ 

With a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, Hranipex is a trusted supplier for office furniture manufacturers worldwide.

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