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HOMAG’s SAWTEQ B-130 & B-200 Entry Level Beam Saws Punch Above Their Weight

Clare Hollister

The HOMAG Group, the world’s leading provider of integrated production solutions for the woodworking industry, offers a comprehensive range of panel dividing beam saws. Panel saws help to process work with greater flexibility, speed and efficiency. The company’s selection of beam saws offers both woodworking shops and industrial customers precision finish cuts for every type of wood-based or plastic panel material.

The smallest HOMAG panel dividing saw, the SAWTEQ B-130, is competitively priced compared to a well-equipped table saw. The B-130, however, provides a much more precise, efficient and fast cutting process. Its compact footprint, sturdy design and proven technologies consistently deliver exceptional results.

Speed, quality and precision during the cutting process can only be achieved if panel materials are moved quickly, gently and with a high level of accuracy. The SAWTEQ B-130 includes technologies that smoothly interact with one another, from the program fence and pressure beam to the clamps and patented side pressure device.

Entry level HOMAG SAWTEQ B-130 Beam Saw

Power Concept Classic for higher performance and throughput

The innovative Power Concept Classic is available on both the SAWTEQ B-130 and SAWTEQ B-200. At the heart of this technology is a clamp on the program fence that can be moved separately; It also moves in front of the program fence if necessary. The clamp enables two strips with different cross cut divisions to be cut to length simultaneously. 

This feature significantly increases output and makes it easy to handle peaks in production. In addition, an algorithm adapted to the Power Concept Classic automatically sorts the strips directly at the saw blade. 

State-of-the-art control System

Both the SAWTEQ B-130 and B-200 utilise HOMAG’s CADmatic 5 high performance saw control system. With a wide range of functions, CADmatic 5 is an intuitive operating concept with clear administrative functions. What’s more, it is open for communication with other machines and software solutions thus enabling manufacturing cells to be created.

Another feature available on both the B-130 and B-200 SAWTEQ models is HOMAG’s innovative operator assistance system, intelliGuide. The Classic version features an LED strip at the cutting line which guides the operator by means of light signals.

Using the coloured LED elements, machine operators can immediately see if a part has been fully processed, needs to be cut again or can be disposed of as waste. Based on which LEDs are lit up, the operator can also determine whether the workpiece being processed meets the required specifications. 

The intelliGuide system provides completely intuitive machine operation that verifiably leads to significantly shorter throughput times, resulting in error-free increased output. The operator and saw work in tandem and no longer slow each other down.

Efficient use of resources

Energy, time, materials and people are all precious resources. Conserving them increases productivity, saving costs and the planet. HOMAG’s ecoPlus technologies help achieve up to 30% reduction in energy consumption. EcoPlus reduces CO2 emissions and protects the environment, a practical tool in the move towards becoming carbon neutral.


SAWTEQ B-200 – a saw that grows with your needs 

With its power, precision and flexibility, HOMAG’s SAWTEQ B-200 offers everything a woodworking facility needs to cut panels horizontally. There are two standard models – one with a lifting table, the other without – that can be enhanced with a wide range of technology options. These enable customers to customise a saw to their particular production requirements whilst remaining flexible for future growth needs.

Like its smaller sister machine, the B-130, the SAWTEQ B-200 is controlled by CADmatic 5, HOMAG’s high performance saw control system. It also features the next generation user interface, powerTouch2. This enables faster, clearer and easier control of the saw. The innovative touch operation is designed to enable users to get the desired results quickly and easily.

When equipped with an integrated lifting table, it provides program controlled feeding from the rear. This is significantly more ergonomic, faster and more efficient than solely feeding manually from the front.

Commenting on HOMAG’s entry level beam saws, Simon Brooks, HOMAG UK’s managing director said: “In the past there has, perhaps, been a perception that beam saws are a luxury many smaller woodworking manufacturers cannot afford. 

“Our entry level beam saws have resigned such beliefs to history. Both the SAWTEQ B-130 and B-200 models not only offer exceptional value for money, but also provide huge production efficiency and quality benefits.

“If you haven’t seen these saws in operation, I highly recommend you arrange a visit to our showroom in Castle Donington for a demonstration. I am confident you won’t be disappointed and it could be the start of a new chapter in your own business development.”

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