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Light Up Your World With Hranipex

Clare Hollister

Hranipex are proud to announce their new range of LED lighting fittings. These fittings are designed to provide superior illumination and energy efficiency, making them ideal for a wide range of commercial and residential applications. ‘’Our extensive LED lighting range ensures there is something suitable for everyone’’ Adam Stevenitt, Technical Product Manager confirms. Discover the power of LED lighting with Hranipex.

The LED lighting range offers a variety of options to choose from, including dimmable lights, adjustable colour temperature settings and more. With this new range, Hranipex can provide the latest in LED technology and the ability to create an atmosphere that suits their needs perfectly which offers numerous advantages over traditional lighting systems. 

LED systems provide a more cost-effective solution for Hranipex’ s customers with a longer lifespan, using less energy, and generating less heat than traditional bulbs, understandably making them the latest trend. Additionally, LED lights produce a more even light distribution than conventional bulbs and can be used in more creative ways. ‘’Our LED systems are designed to provide you with efficient, reliable lighting that won’t break the bank’’ confirms Adam. 

Hranipex are committed to providing quality lighting solutions that are both reliable and energy efficient. Our commitment to expand the use of LED technology demonstrates our dedication to providing the best possible products while reducing the environmental impact.

Riex EL94 9.6W power is our flexible silicone LED strip is designed to fit into a slim groove and create ambience with the choice between warm or neutral white. The 5m strip includes MINI connectors for easy connection to a power supply or sensor, as well has marked points to allow cutting to ensure the strip fits perfectly. 

Riex EL51 LED strip comes in rolls of 30m for industrial use – and must be cut (max 5m) before turning on. These LED strip have lower power use which offers higher efficiency, with 0.2m cables at both ends combined with MINI connectors for easy connection to a power supply or sensor and available in warm, neutral or cold white colour temperature.

The variety of switches and LED accessories mean that you can build the solution that you need. Switching option include, but are not limited to, touch sensors, PIR Sensors, automatic door sensors and mechanical switches. We can also offer wireless switching options too, including RGB colour control Via an app if required. 

When it comes to accessories, we have tried to keep it simple. Distribution blocks, extensions and splitters are obviously there, with the added range of fast toolless connectors, with no soldering required, and quick connectors to join LED strips (for both standard and COB Strips)

LED Profiles are a key component for any LED installation. They provide the cooling required to prolong the life of the LED’s by conducting the heat away from the diodes. However, they are often overlooked. We can offer a wide variety of designs for this range, including recessed, angular, and square edged. Transparent, frosted/ opal, and black diffusor options are available, with end caps and quick clips available too. 

LED Lighting allows you to create a relaxed living environment, whilst also adding functionality, and practicality. The combinations available mean you can create whatever solution is needed, without compromise. 

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