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Maka’s New M-Series “Performance CNC” Machining Centres

Clare Hollister

A peek inside a Maka CNC reveals an exceptional depth of experience and know-how that makes the Maka a high-dynamic and productive 5-Axis machine centre.

The new M-Series of customisable platforms builds on Maka’s highly respected record for uncompromisingly robust CNC machines, with the latest high performance technology.

The M-400t are designed for rapid setting, as well as high speed processing with high precision, to reduce cycle times and increase capacity.

The POWER-MAKA 5-Axis package in action
(Image: MAKA)

The high-dynamic construction makes the MAKA machining centre ideal for both bespoke and high volume production.

The M-400t features a useful working area of 3100 x 1500 x 650 (or 1000) mm to process large workpieces with ease.  Various useful clamping devices are available on request. 

The hidden detail inside reveals the source of the Maka’s power, speed, reliability, flexibility and unique strength.

Structures are deliberately oversized.  The entirely arc-welded steel is sized in accordance with FEA processes, essential to minimise vibration and torsional stress long-term. The structure allows the machine to reach high speeds with rapid acceleration. It also protects your investment long-term!

Inside, Galaxie® drives deliver dynamic precision at very high cutting speeds.
(Image: MAKA)

The POWER-MAKA head is a prime example of Maka’s uncompromising approach and uniqueness. 

Rotary Hollowshaft direct drives have long been employed by Maka.

They are well-proven and highly appreciated by Maka users.  They provide protection and security in case of collision! They also eliminate the inherent limitations in speed and precision associated with belt drives, and even geared drives.  Dynamic precision is controlled better.

The robust head casting secures and protects the drives too, to ensure long-term reliability especially when operating continuously at high speed.

The latest POWER-MAKA 5-axis heads features high performance Galaxie®

Drives combined with the POWER-MAKA spindles. The combination elevates performance, delivering:

  • Higher torsional rigidity
  • Zero Backlash!
  • High Torque 
  • Higher accuracy
  • Faster rotary speeds 
  • Shorter cycle times! 

Manufactured in Germany, the POWER-MAKA package is designed to operate in the harshest environments and provide the highest quality surface finish, and highest productivity. 

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