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SCM Attended The 26th International Timber Construction Forum (IHF)

Clare Hollister

SCM attended last years IHF together with the most important players in the production business – architects and designers, machinery suppliers and builders – to present its latest products for the industry. They highlighted well established technologies that, together with the SCM team’s exclusive skills, are empowered by the seventy years of experience acquired by the Italian group in developing and producing advanced, and flexible solutions for wood machining. 

The area and oikos CNC machining-centre ranges are an example of this as they are continually improved with new specific models for the production of timber construction components, and the launch of a completely new entry in terms of finishing: dmc system xl, an automatic sanding-calibrating machine specifically designed for machining X-lam/CLT panels and walls. Another good example is the trade partnership forged with the Swedish company, Randek AB – another key player at Forum Holzbau – to supply the widest range of solutions for beams, walls, frame walls and X-lam/CLT panels at international level. 


At the Forum in Innsbruck, together SCM showcased the specifics of the area x, the new 5-axis CNC machining centre with mobile gantry-type structure for SMEs in the timber construction industry. 

The key advantages of this new model include exceptional machining quality and maximum reliability that allow for finished elements to be produced, ready for assembly at the work site, completely eliminating potential down times caused by any problems. 

Area x positions itself at the centre of the SCM 5-axes CNC machining centre range with a mobile gantry-type structure and PRO worktable dedicated to the production of X-lam/CLT panels for walls and flooring as well as curved beams. This solution allows you to machine elements of up to 3,600 mm in width and 360 mm thick, while the length can reach up to 36 metres. 

The PRO version worktable is the key feature of this new model. The high level of configurability comes from the availability of five different bases (from 16,000 to 36,000 mm) that can be fitted with automatic systems for reference and piece locking, together with innovative systems for cleaning the work area.

AREA X can have a simpler worktable for a stand-alone version or a more complete one for a version that can integrate into automatic production lines. 

The 30-kW working unit guarantees excellent performance even under severe working conditions and is supported by a specific suction system for completely dust-free operations.
The tool magazine can hold up to 15 tools and/or special supplementary ones to cover all possible machining work: squaring, end stop milling, slots, drilling, nesting cut, creation of sharp edges, laps and notches. 

Area X, as is the case with all SCM cnc machining centres for the timber construction, is fitted with Maestro beam&wall, the software that allows you to program and control the entire workflow easily and quickly. 


SCM has new project dedicated to machining X-lam/CLT panels.
Dmc system xl, is a solid, reliable and highly technological solution that offers configuration versatility and unification of the components and parts in common to optimise management costs. This new solution involves a solid steel structure capable of machining the upper side of the panels up to 3700 mm wide and 500 mm thick. Its strength is the modularity that for decades has been one of the most popular advantages of the range for dmc sanding. 

At this initial stage, three modules have been developed (roller unit, pad unit and transversal unit) that can be combined with one another based on specific production needs. 

At the planning stage, top quality materials and components have been selected that have been designed to last long and support the most intense machining work. Furthermore, the heart of the dmc system xl technology was developed to make the operator’s maintenance work easy, fast and always safe. 

SCM’s approach to X-lam/CLT sanding is to help customers distinguish themselves on the market with solutions aimed at improving the surface finish and increase the value of the finished product. 


SCM presented the latest 3.0 version of its Maestro beam&wall software at Forum Holzbau, designed to machine structural elements and, more specifically: 

The new 3.0 software version features a fully updated graphic programming interface and is aligned with the design CAD systems used by architects. 

Its new functions are:

“Advanced” nesting function for machining beams and panels that tells you in advance the amount of material needed to complete the project and achieve an increasingly more significant reduction in waste. 

2D freehand drawing function to create particular shapes not included in the macro standards of BTL language.

The most recent feature is the option of using Maestro beam&wall both on PCs in the office and on the eye-M operator console, that is, directly on board the machine even at the programming stage, an important advantage for companies that rely on flexibility of use to increase their productivity.