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A First Choice For Wood Shredding

Clare Hollister

With 50 years’ experience in shredding technology and more than 13,000 reference facilities worldwide, Untha shredding technology (headquartered in Kuchl near Salzburg) provides not just a reliable partner for woodworking and timber-processing businesses, but the undisputed first choice when it comes to shredding residual wood.

Untha is represented in the UK by Ima Schelling and one of the company’s most popular models (both in the UK and further afield) is the compact, robust LR700 which enables waste wood from joinery workshops to be fed into the shredder and mixed with wood shavings to produce a particularly productive heating material.

With the LR series, Untha offers a family of machines that ensure compact shredding for carpentry workshops, cabinet-makers, joiners, sawmills and timber industry businesses of all sizes. 

These shredders offer tried-and-tested single-shaft technology, come with rated capacities from 11 to 60 kW and fulfil the needs of both smaller and larger operations .

Overall, the LR series stands out for its efficient cutting system, longevity and reliability. All models of the LR series provide a high level of efficiency and economy and are maintenance-friendly. 

This translates into homogeneous wood chips ranging from 12mm to 80 mm, which can be produced at a low cost and with little effort in terms of operation. 

The final product is suitable for wood-chip heating plants and for briquetting, which offers yet another layer of energy efficiency for users who are able to recycle their own residual wood. 

Users of the LR series of Untha shredders are able to make an important contribution to the sensible use of precious raw materials that nature provides.

Untha shredding technology develops and manufactures customised, reliable shredding systems that are used in a wide range of applications, from material recycling to the processing of residual and waste wood and the reprocessing of waste to produce alternative fuels, thus making an important contribution towards the conservation of resources and the sustainable processing and reduction of waste.

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