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’A Strong Accent In The Interior – Brushed Metal HPL Now Available From Decorative Panels Lamination’’

Clare Hollister

In recent years, we have seen the growing popularity of metallic design accents in interior and furniture design. Adding a touch of glamour and elegance, metallic details are a great way to liven up any space. Regardless of the style in which we decorate our interiors, decorative metal surfaces fit perfectly and add a unique touch. 

Decorative Panels now offer a range of 6 brushed metal HPL designs from Kronospan – leading manufacturer of wood-based panels. These Metal HPL finishes are modern and sophisticated and include Brushed Aluminium, Brushed Titan, Brushed Inox, Brushed Gold, Brushed Copper and Brushed Bronze. These metal decors, made from high-quality MDF substrate, are coated with real aluminium sheets, and covered with protection foil. They are suitable for vertical applications such as doors, as well as horizontal surfaces like home and retail countertops, offering a stylish and tactile experience in residential, business, or commercial spaces. 

In an arrangement, where straight lines and neutral colours dominate, decorative metal surface additions are an interesting contrast and eye-catcher. We can use them, for example, in the form of a furniture fronts, which will provide unique focal points in the space. Nowadays, interior and furniture design are no longer limited to wall colours or the choice of furniture. The Group’s designers are looking more and more for original solutions to give rooms and furniture a unique character and elegance. 

One such trend is the inclusion of metal accents in interiors and furniture, which add a touch of glamour and luxury. If metal accents in furniture are not enough for you, you can also opt for larger metal HPL surfaces, such as walls. Decorative Metal HPL surfaces are particularly eye-catching, with the advantage that the metallic brilliance and elegance will always be visible and eye-catching, never fading into the background. 

The shine and lustre of metallic decors adds elegance and luxury to any room. We can use Metal HPL surface on the walls as a decorative element. These types of surfaces go well with both modern and classic arrangements. This is just another way of incorporating sparkle into interior. 

A striking metal HPL finish is highly resistant and durable. It is expressive and elegant in its unrivalled simplicity. Distinctive metal surfaces are an alternative to traditional decors. Metal decors are long-lasting, stylish, and fashionable. This makes a Metal HPL surface a winner over for example traditional wood chests of drawers. In addition to classic painted furniture, metal HPL decors are very effective. Metal HPL with the effect of brushed metal surface will certainly attract people who are bored with traditional solutions and love these raw, expressive accents. 

Functional and almost indestructible Metal HPL surface in an interior bring an atmosphere of calm and order to the room. If you are one of those who appreciate subdued elegance and pure functionality in furniture, Metal HPL surface collection from dp-limitless range, is excellent for you. Brushed Copper, Brushed Gold and Brushed Bronze accents adding warmth and nobility to interiors and combining fantastically with most of the decorative surface materials. Metal HPL Brushed Inox, Brushed Aluminium and Brushed Titan on the other hand, takes us into a more industrial atmosphere. Metal provides a feast for both the eye and the sense of touch. Regardless of the style of the interior, metal finishing introduces intriguing material contrasts into the designed space. 

Possibly one of the most evident characteristics of metal HPL surface is that it is a much more resistant material. Metal, in addition, compared to other materials, is not affected by excessive exposure to light and withstands from the lowest to the highest temperatures. 

Resistance also gives them durability. Metal HPL material can last for many years with minimal care. In fact, the care they require is another of their advantages; cleaning is very easy and simple. 

Metal HPL is extremely resistant both to weight and to possible damage caused by use, such as scratches. They do not present problems of breakage or peeling of edges. 

Thanks to its durability, in the long term it represents a saving, as they do not go out of fashion and are kept in perfect condition. 

Beyond its strength, durability and quality, the use of Metal HPL has also become popular because of the variety of design possibilities it offers. Metal HPL’s have simple but unique brushed lines, and metallic effect integrates harmoniously into any decorative style. They are compatible and can be combined with furniture made of other materials. 

Metal HPL’s surface is an ideal choice for the home. In fact, they are trendy, and not only in more industrial styles, as they combine perfectly with wooden furniture. They can be part of an eclectic decor with warm elements.  

It is thought that because metal cools a room, it can be a difficult material to work with. However, with careful application, it can become the focal point of any interior design. For example, warmer tones can then be used to surround the colder tone, producing a stunning effect of balance and statement. 

Your furniture selection is a tangible representation of your inner world and the ideal way to communicate your ideas and sense of self. Along with modern Metal HPL designs, your furniture pieces will radiate its unique personality. 

Discover how to transform your interiors with Metal HPL accents and create unique, striking spaces that will delight everyone. Get ready to discover a new dimension in furniture design and join the ranks of trendsetters who know how to incorporate a touch of glamour into their home. Decorative Panels Lamination is here to give you endless possibilities from their dp-limitless range. 

Available board sizes: 3050mm x 1310mm, available substrates: 15mm & 18mm MDF.  

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