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Versatile And Efficient Nesting With The HOMAG CENTATEQ N-210 And N-510 CNC Processing Centres

Clare Hollister

CNC nesting machines offer a highly efficient method of producing components for carcass furniture or the dividing and refining of furniture fronts. HOMAG’s range of nesting CNCs presents options for entry-level woodworking shops through to industrial furniture manufacturers. The new CNC CENTATEQ N-210 and N-510 gantry-processing centres deliver faster performance, better clamping functions, improved component finishing, lower power consumption, and reduced costs for both the initial machine outlay and ongoing running costs.

“Our new CENTATEQ N-210 and N-510 nesting CNCs have significantly raised the performance bar for nesting technology,” explains HOMAG UK managing director, Simon Brooks. “With 3, 4 and 5-axis configurations, a range of different table sizes and an advanced, switchable vacuum table concept, these new modular CNC processing centres can run manually or automatically.

“A new innovative design of the table vacuum zones has enabled us to further improve workpiece clamping. This results in a better finish for components, whilst also reducing the number of vacuum pumps required thereby reducing running costs and the initial capital expenditure. Additional components such as the label printer, an automatic lifting table or outfeed conveyor belt can easily be installed and connected via a simple ‘plug & play’ system.” 

An economical nesting solution

The HOMAG CENTATEQ N-210 CNC processing centre offers 3 and 4-axis configurations with table size options from 1.25 x 2.5 m to 2.1 x 7.4 m, in half or full-sized formats. The N-210 accelerates almost twice as quickly as its predecessor, maintains its maximum feed rate for longer and decelerates quicker, and all with high point to point times. As a result, output times are considerably improved.

The N-210 can be integrated into either a manual or automated production setup. It can be fed by hand or automatically via a roller conveyor or a lifting table. Similarly, the destacking can be done manually or automatically via a robot.

Optimal material utilisation

To provide detailed part identification, there are options for automatic labelling at the infeed or manual labelling at the outfeed. Both these error-free labelling processes not only identify each part, but also provide information for subsequent processing steps.

HOMAG has developed a powerful software solution to help effectively manage material stock, automatically create the required nests, optimise cycle times, create the required labels if required and seamlessly link the production office to the machine minimising the need for operator intervention at the machine.

Advanced MATRIX table

Specifically designed to provide maximum flexibility, the MATRIX table features a defined grid of channels and supply points to ensure optimum vacuum distribution for processing with vacuum clamping.  Depending on the worktable size, up to 84 zones can be integrated into the matrix table to provide fast, efficient changeover from one board size to the next.

Based on the workpiece size, the machine automatically selects the table field occupation, the vacuum is activated in the required area and is effective where it is needed. The areas are optimally matched to the established range of boards. 

Gapless changeover between left and right table sides

The vacuum fields are assigned to the table sides and can be controlled individually. While workpieces are being routed on one side of the table, they can be loaded on the other side. This makes for gapless, highly efficient production, saving time and money.

Telford based Activ Projects Limited recently invested in a new CENTATEQ N-210 and workshop supervisor, Pete Blakelock, explained how happy they were with the nesting CNC: 

“The new CENTATEQ N-210 CNC processing centre is fast, efficient, and very easy to use. We opted for the 4-axis model which does all we wanted and more. Having the ability to use aggregates for horizontal routing applications as well as being able to use a blowing aggregate, gives us total flexibility You can’t fault the workpiece finish quality; it is absolutely superb. If you’re looking to take your nesting CNC capabilities to the next level, this could be the machine for you.”

HOMAG CENTATEQ N-510 gantry-processing centre

Like its sister machine, the N-210, the CENTATEQ N-510 is designed for machining and dividing of panel-shaped materials with waste reduction as a focus. In addition to the classical nested based fields of application for the production of carcass furniture, or the dividing and finishing of furniture fronts, the N-510 can also be offered as a 5 axis variant. This enables the manufacture of stair stringers and even door leaves to be processed easily.

Fourteen various automation concepts, which are easy to connect via ‘plug & play’ systems, offer subsequent additions to the machine. Meanwhile, a comprehensive choice of drill blocks and tool changers provide a high degree of customer led diversity. With a focus on sustainability, changeover times have been reduced, and chip extraction and vacuum suction have also been optimised.

The CENTATEQ N-510 offers 5-axis processing via the DRIVE5CS head. This provides more processing versatility and, thanks to a new overall height capability in the Z-direction, material thickness of up to 260 mm can easily be handled.

Versatility and speed

The advanced tool changer has space for 8, 14 or 22 tools delivering significant timesaving and flexibility during processing. Tool changing can be done in parallel with the dividing or drilling of panels. There are also 18 different drilling gears available in various combinations consisting of vertical and horizontal spindles and grooving saws.

CNC machines from HOMAG’s extensive nesting range have the ability to be used as stand-alone machines, in through feed higher output cells, or even be fully integrated into automated board storage systems for optimum efficiency.

In conclusion Simon Brooks emphasised the versatility and ease of operation of the new nesting machines: “The CENTATEQ N-210 and N-510 are controlled via the latest version of our powerTouch user interface. Consequently, these HOMAG CNCs are now even faster and more intuitive to use, achieving time savings of up to 30%. 

“The two new models have made significant advancements in the capabilities and performance of CNC nesting centres. They are faster, more efficient and produce even better quality finished parts. If you’re thinking of replacing an aging nesting CNC, check out how the new CENTATEQ N-210 and N-510 nesting machines can benefit your business and generate more profit.”

For a demonstration or more information on the range of HOMAG CNC nesting machinery and software, please contact Adele Hunt at HOMAG UK on 01332 856424. 

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